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Cosmetic surgery gives you the ability to do more than simply change your appearance. It can transform the way you feel about yourself, providing a more positive and self-assured attitude and greater self-esteem. It is important to find a surgeon in whom you have the utmost confidence and with whom you have an excellent rapport. This rapport begins the moment you contact the office.

Dr. Robinson and the staff at Indiana Plastic Surgery strive to make all of your encounters pleasant and comfortable, even for the most shy or discerning individuals. Our patients must think we succeed because many come back year after year and refer their friends and family to us as well.

From Consultation to Surgery…

Your consultation is an opportunity to meet Dr. Robinson and discuss your individual needs. He will perform a medical history and then spend time listening carefully to you describe your surgical goals. Dr. Robinson understands that there are some anxieties about elective surgery and makes it a point to get to know you in a comfortable setting before examining you.

He will take the time to understand what your objectives are and then outline an approach to achieving your goals. It is important to have a realistic understanding of what can be achieved. He will help you create a foundation by discussing diet, exercise, skin health, and other basics before proceeding with the building blocks of surgery. You will have the opportunity to view photographs of others who have undergone surgery, and you will see what results can be achieved.

Why your experience here will be different

While qualifications, credentials, and certificates are very important, they can be hard to relate to. It is your relationship with the surgeon that counts. Dr. Robinson takes a sincere interest in his patients, and it shows in his ability to understand your concerns. He uses his experience to advise you and help you arrive at a decision that is best for you.

No question is too small or unimportant. You are welcome to return before and after surgery as needed so he, or his nurse, can address your every concern.  You will find that he explains things clearly and patiently. You will also find his staff very attentive, providing the personalized care and privacy patients require and deserve.

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