Are CoolSculpting Results Permanent?

Female Body ContouringCoolSculpting results are long-lasting if you maintain healthy habits. Fat cells can’t come back after they’ve been removed. However, weight gain after CoolSculpting can affect your results. To understand this, it’s important to understand how body fat works.

You have a fixed number of fat cells in your body. Losing weight makes fat cells smaller, but it doesn’t make them go away. That’s why it can be difficult to slim down with a healthy lifestyle alone. CoolSculpting helps by permanently removing fat cells from your problem areas.

Weight gain can affect your contours because the remaining fat cells in the treatment area are still able to expand. This isn’t a problem for many people, as it’s common to experience an increased motivation to stay fit after CoolSculpting. You can maintain the results of your procedure through normal diet and exercise.